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A Professional, Certified Roofing Company That Homeowners From and Near Bowling Green, KY Can Fully Trust With Repairs and Replacements

Get rid of your old, damaged roofing that’s already decades old! A+ Home Improvement is a family-owned roofing company that licensed and certified to do roofing installations and replacements on residential establishments in and near Bowling Green, KY.


Clients continue to choose us for our versatility. The team can do everything tearing off the existing damaged roofing and replacing it with a brand-new one. Plus, we carry the best options on the market! These are durable roofs built to withstand years’ worth of harsh weather conditions.

Signs You Might Need to Call for Roof Replacement Services

 We install lifetime shingles on all of our shingle jobs. We also install various types of metal and flat roofs. Keep an eye out for these signs that indicate you might need to get a new shingle or metal roofing:


visible cracks, rusting, and physical damages


  • severe leaking 
  • rusted panels and missing shingles 
  • sagging roofline 
  • difficulty in maintaining indoor air temperature due to draft 
  • sunlight creeping in through ceiling cracks 

Book an Appointment With Our Reputable Roof Replacement Contractors

Not sure if it’s time to get a roof replacement? Reach out to the most reliable, trustworthy, and reputable roofing company in the area: A+ Home Improvement! We’ll do a full inspection to assess the condition of your roofing and gauge whether it can still be repaired or if it’s more efficient to just get a new one installed. Dial (270) 776-7315 for bookings and cost inquiries. 

We primarily serve clients from the following areas: 


  • Bowling Green, KY and surrounding counties
  • Nashville, TN and surrounding counties
  • Dothan, AL 
  • Mobile, AL 
  • Gulf Shores, AL 
  • Orange Beach, AL
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